I came to Connie after being diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy. The protein in my urine was extremely high. Conventional medical services offer no treatment or medication for this disease. Through Healing Touch treatments, Connie relieved my headaches and my backaches. She also showed me techniques that I can do myself to relieve the pains when they occur, which is very seldom now vs. daily before the Healing Touch treatments.  I have annual lab test to monitor the kidney function and each year, since using Healing touch, the urine protein levels have dramatically decreased.

My job requires frequent travel, and I suffered from motion sickness.  Connie has also treated me for this. It's amazing how much I enjoy flying now without the having to use medication to relieve the motion sickness.

Through Healing Touch, I've experienced an increase in energy and an overall healthy feeling.


Past Energy Release helped me release old feelings I didn’t realize I was still carrying around. It freed me of a lot of past bad memories. It is incredibly powerful.


I have had psoriasis for over 30 years and have been treated by dermatologists with only slight improvement. Since being treated with Healing Touch Therapy my skin is completely clear. These treatments have been done mostly distantly since I live 200 miles away.


My skin tone is much healthier. My acne used to come up under stress, a few treatments tends to help a lot.