Definition of Terms

Aura or Auric Field

This is an electromagnetic field which encompasses the human form (as well as plants and animals - all living beings/things). There are usually a myriad of colors associated with each aura and vary from individual to individual. The aura can often change on a moment by moment basis dependent upon what is occurring around or within a being. If there is illness or dis-ease within the body, the aura can (does) reflect this either by a monochromatic schema or a "hole" which can be either black or dark gray in color - or a variation of both. 


Presently there is a generally standard accepted count of seven chakras found within each human body. The actual definition of chakra translates from the ancient Sanskrit meaning "spinning wheel" or vortex of energy. Each chakra has unique attributes as well as musical and color associations. When a chakra is not in a state of healthful balance it becomes either stagnate, blocked or rotates in a counter-clockwise manner; healthy chakras in human bodies rotate clockwise. The overall function of the chakras are to act as gateways or openings for life energy to flow freely into and out of our auric field providing vitality. Mental, emotional, spiritual or physical trauma (including surgeries, wounds, etc...) can adversely impact the chakras and manifest as illness, dis- ease or discomfort within the body.


These terms all represent the word ascribed to a being's essential energetic life-force. They represent that which is the living energy which sustains all organic life. (Chi or Qi are Chinese in origin, while Ki is Japanese in origin and Prana is Hindu origin.)

Hara Line

This is a power-source found in the very core of the human body which resides in the auric field (or aura) and is housed within the "tan tein". Some say it exists on the level of what is known as "intentionality". The hara line continues from the tan tein downward to deep into the earth's core. 

Tan Tein

This is a Chinese term in origin. It translates essentially to, "power center situated an estimated two and one half inches below the human navel".