Healing Touch - For Humans & Animals

(For Humans...) Healing Touch is a western form of Energetic Healing developed by health care professionals to provide both comfort and care to patients and clients. Healing Touch is based on the underlying assumption that a universal energy field surrounds each of us and that our bodies contain subtle energy centers which affect our health and ability to heal.

Healing Touch Practitioners influence the energy field that surrounds the body and the energy centers in the body, positively impacting the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of the recipients of these treatments.

The goal of Healing Touch is to empower the patient or client to activate their own energy systems to restore balance, harmony and wholeness as well as to allow self healing to occur. Healing is a very unique experience guided by the client and their specific needs.Healing Touch is not a substitute for health care, but is a complementary therapy used in collaboration with other medical treatment.

The Benefits of Healing Touch for Humans include...

  •   Stress &/or Tension Reduction
  •   Increased Relaxation
  •   Provides Overall General Pain Relief
  •   Stimulates the Immune System & Function
  •   Reduces Depression &/or Anxiety
  •   Assists in Expediting the Healing of Fractures & Wounds
  •   Improves Sleep
  •   Reduces Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
  •   Used with Pre & Post-Operative Patients
  •   Alleviates Migraines & Headaches
  •   Used with Cancer Patients to Promote Healing
  •   Reduces Pain Associated with Arthritis
  •   Reduces Back & Neck Pain
  •   Works to Facilitate the Grieving Process
  •   Helps to Eliminate Adverse Medication Side-effects
  •   Used to Assist the Dying

Healing Touch is not based on any religious system, but is highly spiritual in nature and therefore works to enhance healing within the context of any individual's belief system.

For more in depth information on Healing Touch, please visit Healing Touch International, Inc located at http://www.healingtouch.net. (The core of the information provided above is done so by courtesy of Rosann Geiser at http://www.associatesforlife.com )

(For Animals...) Healing Touch for Animals (H.T.A.) is a bio-field energy application used in animal health care as an augmentative or complementary form of healing.
Healing Touch for animals works under the same basic principles as with humans; the energetic centers within the animal as well as the energetic force surrounding the animal are positively impacted when appropriately influenced by the H.T.A. Practitioner.

H.T.A. is very effective when used for...

  •   Injury and Illness Recovery
  •   Behavioral Issues
  •   Stress-Related Issues
  •   Physical &/or Emotional Trauma
  •   Cancer Support
  •   Surgery & Recovery
  •   Connection with People
  •   Competition Events
  •   Palliative Care
  •   Euthanasia

For more information regarding H.T.A. please see: http://www.healingtouchforanimals.com.